The Ally Coalition

The Ally Coalition fun band

The band fun. and New York fashion designer Rachel Antonoff have joined together to create a new partnership known as The Ally Coalition. The Coalition aims to inspire people throughout the music, fashion and entertainment industries to speak out in support of LGBTQI equality. The fun. is best known in Australia for their number 1 single ‘We Are Young’ featuring Janelle Monaé.

The connection between the band and the designer? Rachel’s brother, Jack Antonoff, is the guitarist in fun. Discussing the rationale behind the Coalition, Rachel complained that she is asked constantly if she or her brother identify as LGBTQI. “The notion that, in the face of true injustice, one must be a member of an oppressed group to be bothered is all too common. We … MUST recognize that these inequalities are not “gay rights” issues but rather human rights issues.”

So what does the Coalition do? Primarily it aims to create a vast network of engaged and like minded people who are willing to speak out in their local community in support of LGBTQI equality. For more details, see The Ally Coalition website.

The Coalition is asking everyone to share their own message of support by downloading this template.

We would love to show our support all the way from Down Under – so go ahead and print it off, fill in your own words and send us your photo to share! Email photos to


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